Child Education & Marriage Plan

State Life Insurance offers Child Insurance Plans to secure your child’s future and fulfill their needs. These plans are exclusively customized for parents who are conscious about the future of their children and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable protection plan for their child’s prospect.

Child Education & Marriage Assurance is a plan for the protection of child’s future specially customized for parents who pre-plan for their child’s better future and financial stability. According to the terms of policy the insured sum with benefits is payable at a predetermined age of the child that could be 18, 21 or 25 years. These ages are selected according to general needs where financial assistance is required mostly for higher education, marriage or for establishing a new business. The policy ensures accrued benefits with insured amount to the policy holder on completion of the policy terms. Moreover the plan also guarantees financial aid and benefit for the child on account of fatality before completion of terms.

Eligible ages for Parents / Payer:-
Minimum Age:20 Years
Maximum Age:60 years
Age (Maximum) on Maturity:70 years
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